Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Prelude (or, possibly, a Eulogy)

Yeah. So it's 1:47 into St. Paddy's day. And, yeah, I've had a few. So what? It was necessary. Two pints at midnight.... plus the cleaning we did when we realized the minifridge was already full of domestic beer. Couldn't have that. So if I speak in short, Hemingway-ish bursts tonight, you know why.

Tommorrow's the day. Should be fun. Got my alarm set for 10:30 so we can get an early start. Got 1,360 oz of Irish beer over there, plus 750ml of Irish whiskey. It is an invitation to a murder. Don't know who will be coming over, but they will have front row seats of me probably making an ass out of myself. Clothes might not fit tommorrow.

The end.


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