Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm all up in yo face, biatch

So I was walkin across the mall this morning and some girl at some booth stops to talk to me about domestic abuse, so I ask her if it's normal for your dad to tie you up with jumper cables and hold you down while your mom sticks hot pool balls up your ass, and she stares at me and says yes and so I flash my piece and then the bitch changes her fuckin tune.

In the real world, however, I recently discovered that my creepy-intimate women's lit teacher has published a book. Not a book I can respect like 3 Easy Steps to Insurance Fraud or Minorities: Why Don't They Just Leave?, but a book about Native Americans. Book publishing is apparently pretty popular among my professors, because while searching through the list I found out my Shakespeare Prof published a book about Machiavelli. If I ever become a professor, I'll publish a book called Watershed: The Growth of Humanity's Conscious During World War II and it would consist of nothing but photos of men violently hitting porn stars with pies. Hot. If anyone complained I would simply sign this picture ( and send it to them in the mail. That'll teach those narrow minded bastards.


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